Entrance Tickets

You can buy your entrance tickets online, so there'll be no more last minute panic about where and when to buy them. All online tickets give you guestlist entry, so you can jump the queues (vital for the popular parties) and mean you can budget for your holiday more easily by buying in advance. It's also pretty cool too!

Dress Codes

Within reason, the clubs will not refuse patrons with tickets. The hip, less hip and the sloppy are allowed to mingle without fear of contamination between stratas of sophistication. It's hard to attract attention with an outfit. Feel free to try.

It is possible for hot, well dressed girls and boys to gain entry without paying. Act like you own the place. Tag on to people holding record bags. That cat in the big tall hat can get you in too.

None of the VIP lounges allow entry with shorts - so if you are hobnobbing it with the Jet-Set, dress up!

Popular Ibiza Clubs: