Holidays to Ibiza Town

When it comes to travelling abroad, visiting the capital city of a nation is certainly a good way to experience plenty of what the local culture has to offer and holidays to Ibiza Town are no exception. Sitting proud atop an impressive peak between other popular resorts including Figueretas and Playa De Talamanca, holidaymakers are sure to enjoy a mixture of modern night life and old Ibizan sensibilities.

Located in the south eastern portion of the island and known as Catalan Eivissa to the locals, Ibiza Town is the most populous settlement and is therefore able to offer many amenities and experiences not available elsewhere. The town is split into two distinct sections: the Old Town and the Extension. Each of these offers a vibrant experience individually, but thanks to their proximity they are similarly reachable for those that want to acquaint themselves with all that holidays to Ibiza Town has to offer.

Also with the airport merely a few miles to the south of the resort, travel to Ibiza is short and hassle free.

Things to do in Ibiza Town

Thanks to the melding of old and new, visitors are never short of something to do on holiday to Ibiza Town. If you're interested in local culture and history, you may like to visit the iconic Santa Maria d'Evissa 14th century cathedral or the Punic Necropolis. Walk the cobbled streets by the harbour or sit and relax with a view of the luxurious yachts found in the ever busy marina, there is plenty to see and do for those looking for a visual holiday experience.

However, if you're more of a night owl, the Extension portion of Ibiza Town is where you should be headed. Once the sun goes down, the city comes alive with shops, bars and restaurants all staying open until the early hours, providing you with plenty to experience throughout the night in this beautiful part of the world. Not only that, but some of the most luxurious clubs in all of Ibiza are found right here, including Pacha, El Divino and Space just south of the town. They are something that absolutely should be experienced on holidays to Ibiza Town and the annual Ibiza closing parties are one of the season’s highlights.

Dancing isn't the only night activity to take part in though. Visit the Calle de La Virgen and expect to see a variety of acts including stilt walkers, with the close knit streets providing a wonderfully cosy fiesta experience amongst your fellow visitors and the locals.

Relax and Party with Holidays in Ibiza Town  

Thanks to its true melding of traditional sights and sounds with modern clubs and bars, Ibiza Town has become the perfect affordable holiday destination for those that want to enjoy both the day and the night, with enough places to go and things to see to keep even the most active holiday makers busy. The nearby resorts offer even more options and thanks to the closeness of the airport, travel is something that needn't be worried over.

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